2 thoughts on “Place an order

  1. Hi I hope you are all safe and well. I just wondered if you have any oyster catcher serving plates. I am not sure if you are still working. Many thanks.


    • Afternoon, Catriona.
      Yes, I have a very large Oyster Catcher serving platter at the moment and I think a large oval one too.
      I’m actually down at the beach at the moment, (glorious weather here) but I can email you a photo of each once I get back to the workshop and Gallery later and you can see if they suit.
      The gallery is closed but I am starting to get back to my ceramics this week so that I can fulfil some new orders.
      I can show you alternative sizes and shapes if the two I have don’t suit!

      Hope you are keeping safe too!
      Lesley M


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