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4 thoughts on “Bowls

  1. Hello there, my husband and I were over at the begining of the year and bought some of your lovely things ( one for a wedding present, which they loved).
    You were doing some really big bowls which we asked about and are keen to have one. I left my email . Could you send a pic of finished result, we liked the idea of white with minimal decor. And that day discussed with you.
    Do hope your lock down period hadn’t been too bad.


    • Hello Pauline. Glad you’re both fine and that the wedding present was was liked so much! We have been Covid free here and have been so lucky to have the beaches and hills on our doorstep…
      I am getting back into my workshop this Friday and opening up the whole gallery on Sunday 12th. I’ll check in my day book what we discussed about the large bowl for you when I get back from having a few days with my elderly but still-spry mum in Angus. I’ll be in touch over the weekend.
      Lovely to hear from you, Pauline.
      Lesley Muir


  2. Hi Lesley, couple of years ago I had the pleasure of receiving one of your large bowls ( of a lady cyclist ) that my daughter bought for my birthday surprise and it’s much admired by all . She is now having a big birthday of her own and I thought of you as a very special gift , I have left this last minute , but given the lock down and such , didn’t really want to impose on you . However as travel opens up and we once again can go to our beloved west coast , thought of you for the very best of gifts for our much loved one . If it is at all possible I’m thinking the same size bowl with sandy beach scene , rock pool , split rock at Stoer head , big ask I know and will totally understand if not possible she is also an avid paddle boarder with the family ( husband and son on one board and herself and daughter on other ) young family fun . If you are available to discuss this production on Sunday we will be passing the summer isles on our way home if you are open if not ,your thoughts and input would be great 👍


    • Hi Bunty! Yes I do remember the cyclist bowl I made. So glad you liked it!
      I could certainly do such a bowl…I open for the first time tomorrow ( Sunday) and if you have time to drop in, fine, if not I can work up some sketches for you and discuss via email on
      Email me a message if you plan to drop by…I’m open from 11am to 4pm.
      Lesley M x


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