2 thoughts on “Large platters

  1. I would like to order a large square platter in the oyster catcher design. This is to replace one of your pieces in a holiday cottage which was unfortunate my chipped by accident. The dimensions were 40×40 cm and had the centre piece large oystercatcher and small oystercatchers around the edge of the platter. We have very clear photographs of the platter for your perusal. Please could you send me an email address so I can send you the photos and could you let me know how much this will cost and an approximate delivery date? Many thanks indeed.


    • I can most certainly do that, Sarah, with pleasure.
      I generally only do a very few of the very largest pieces so it will be really useful to have a photograph of the piece.
      The dimensions may not be exactly 40×40 but I should be able to make it very close to that. My email address is
      When I see the photo I will be able to give you the price and rough delivery date.
      Thank you for your interest…and what a pity the piece was damaged.
      Best wishes,
      Lesley Muir
      T: 01854 622302


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